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Nanguang CN-1200SA 3 Kit
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Product SKU C2U-20200522-122
Brand NanGuang
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Product Highlights

This light uses 1200 selected daylight balanced LED bulbs, high output, low power consumption, and long service life.
Without Diffuser & Filter: light is of spotlight effect and suitable for shooting at a relatively long distance.
With Diffuser: light is of soft light effect.
With Filter: the color temperature of light changes from 5400K to 3200K.
Slots are designed on the front surface of the product to fix the diffuser and filter.
Clamping Screws: To fix the light panel with U-bracket.
U-bracket: To fix the light panel and adjust light direction.
Dimmer Knob: For dimming, users can dim to suit different shooting conditions.
Standalone Dimmer. For dimming conveniently when the light panel is placed at a high position.
Power Switch: To switch on or off.
Power Input: For input of DC power.
Gels Holder: For packing the diffuser and filter.
Power Adapter: For AC 100V~230V to DC inverting and power stabilizing.
Barn Doors: For better adjustment of light direction.

What's in the box
3x CN-1200SA
3x 186 Light Stand
3x Adapter
3x Filters
1x Lighting Case L3

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