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READY STOCK Ulanzi Falcam F22 & F38 Quick Release Camera Cage for Canon EOS R5 & R6
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A QR Camera Cage You've Never Seen Before
Screwing and unscrewing camera accessories is a thing of the past.The F22 Cage offes you a super quick switch experience in various shooting scenes,just in a push and pinch


Increased Securiy and Stability
The F22 quick-release cage is designed with a special "mortise-and-tenon joint" structure.Its wedge pin is firmly embedded in the groove of the quick-release plate,which is not easy to fall off.The more it is used,the tighter it is in a vibrating enviroment


One-Click Mount Design:Click and Shoot
The F22 Cage top features quick-release postions that allow you simply set up between your camera,monitor and slider quickly,in a push and pinch,instead of lengthy and cumbersome screwing.

More Mounting Points:High Expandability
The F22 Cage provides dozens of 1/4" mounting points,allowing a variety of camera accessories to be expanded.Both sides are designed with F22/F38 expansion positions respectiverly to improve runtime and save on unnecessary components 


F22 QR Cage for Different Cameras
The F22 Cage adopts a Monet gray anodizing process and different curve line combinations which make the overall texture and design style of the Cage as smooth and convenient as they could ever be.

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